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Girl On Fire: Carrie Green – The female entrepreneur

Carrie Green is one of my favourite entrepreneurs for one simple reason: her passion is to help every woman become as successful as she is. She does this through her company The Female Entrepreneur Association, which helps nearly 1 million women make their business dreams come true. She is also an  award-winning entrepreneur and author of the international bestselling book She Means Business (Hay House Publishing).

This is where I first came across Carrie when her book  was recommended to me by a colleague, and I loved it so much I made it our Book Club book of the month. I then began taking her online courses, attending her webinars and inhaling her masterclass videos.

Carrie and I hooked up online, and not only is she brilliant at what she does, but she is also a charming, unassuming and all-round lovely lady. Here is a little insight to Carrie and what she does..

Having started the Female Entrepreneur Association (FEA) in 2011, Carrie transformed it into a 7-figure business with a network of almost 1 million women from all around the world.

At its heart, FEA is an online platform created to support, champion and inspire women all around the world, to give them the inspiration and resources to achieve amazing success in their own businesses & lives… If one person can do it, we all can!

Carrie Green - The Female Entrepreneur Association
"I know that success is not an accident, it’s something we have to create on purpose and it starts by knowing what it is that we want. I tell everyone this, because far too many people never stop and get really intentional about what they actually want"
Carrie Green Female Entrepreneur Association
Carrie Green
Founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association

Carrie created the FEA membership in 2013, The Members’ Club, as a place for female entrepreneurs to take their business and ideas to the next level. A supportive place to connect with other like-minded women to network, grow and be inspired by expert lead trainings & incredible resources.

Her Ted x talk has had over 7.4million views to date and Carrie has been featured in The Daily Telegraph, RED Magazine, Stylist, GLAMOUR Magazine, BBC radio and on BBC News, championing entrepreneurship at every level.

1. What’s the best bit about your job?

I love that I get to spend my time doing something I absolutely love, something that makes a positive difference in the world and something I can do from anywhere in the world with a laptop and internet connection! 

2. What is that one thing you know for sure, that you always share with other women?

I know that success is not an accident, it’s something we have to create on purpose and it starts by knowing what it is that we want. I tell everyone this, because far too many people never stop and get really intentional about what they actually want. In fact, often when I say to someone, “what are your goals?” they don’t actually know. If you don’t decide what you want then life decides for you… and then who knows where you’ll end up! 

3. What’s your life’s mantra?

I can and I will. Watch me. 

I live by this saying! I’m determined to live my best life and have the courage to go after my dreams and see what’s possible.

4. What’s your morning routine?

I wake up and spend the morning with my son, Kasey! We have breakfast and play, I love it!

5. What would you tell your teenage self?

Believe in yourself, know your own worth and be kind to yourself. If you want to live your best life, you have to start by doing these things. 

6. What’s your best self-care tip?

Listen to yourself and trust yourself. I think so often we can burn out or become unhappy because we’re not listening to ourselves and our body. If you’re tired, give yourself permission to have a break. If you’re hungry, make the time to eat. If you have a dream to do something, trust it and believe in yourself. 

7. What book, film or song has been a big influence on your life?

I love the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Firstly, she’s just an incredible writer and secondly, the book is so inspiring. It’ll get your dreaming big and going after your dreams!

8. What’s the one thing you’d like to be remembered for?

I’d love to be remembered for inspiring and empowering people to go after their dreams and build successful businesses! I want everyone to know that they have the ability to take charge and live their best lives. 

9. What’s next for you?

Having baby #2 any day now, which is so exciting! Beyond that I’ll be focusing on writing book #2 as well 🙂 

10. Who do you think is a ‘Girl On Fire’?

Lisa Nichols. I think her story is so powerful and she’s so inspirational and motivational. I love watching her videos on YouTube!

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