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As a makeup artist for over 19 years now my career has been an eclectic mix of beauty , fashion and cosmetic brands to say the least.

I started out assisting other artists and from the humble beginnings of being allowed to clean brushes / carry a kit bag or create a foundation base my career developed and I’ve since worked for some of the biggest cosmetic and beauty brands around.

In my twenties I worked at Aveda and my role couldn’t have been more varied.

I was responsible for creating editorial images with Antoinette Beenders for her upcoming collections or for the launch of new Aveda products ,next I would be teaching a segment on makeup for salon owners and developing business relationships ,my evenings were spent doing makeup of many of the hippest clients around the city , but my favourite part of all was launching the new collections of makeup and presenting it to the uk beauty press.

I knew every ingredient used and what part of the rainforest some of the ingredients were sourced , for me in the early 2000s Aveda were leading the way creating images of cultural diversity, showing real skin and using products that enhanced natural beauty rather than masking it. Taking the  time on preparing the skin of the model I was working on really made a difference and it soon became my signature look.

I moved from Aveda to Mac Cosmetics and  I was thrown into working backstage at London, Milan and Paris fashion week , the looks we created for some designers were certainly more avant garde but my passion for creating beautiful skin remained .

Skin that had to be perfected but not masked , working on the menswear shows definitely helped shape my style of the no makeup look whilst still looking fresh and glowing.

Products such as Mac Strobe Cream that made any skin look instantly healthy with a little Moisture Cover Concealer buffed in made for a beautiful natural skin , a firm favourite of mine today.

When I decided to go freelance as an artist my work certainly took on a more creative vibe , with the relationships I had built within the hair and beauty industry demanding more inspirational imagery for collections or shows and everything seemed to go super sized .

The rise in social media had just started to peak and with it came You tubers , bloggers , teens in their bed rooms creating makeup tutorials with the coverage getting heavier and heavier and the Kardashians contour becoming more and more prevalent, for a long time it felt every client I had wanted to be “ contoured “ without even knowing that makeup artists have been using light and shade to minimise and accentuate features forever , just without the scary stripes.

I am pleased to say I believe the tables have turned and the industry is buzzing with water light textures of cosmetics putting the focus firmly back on complexions in celebration of seeing real skin albeit a little more perfected  , seeing ethnicity’s, bone structure and catering for every skin tone.

Across the board the Cosmetic giants are creating more breathable , lightweight formulations , even Estée Lauder Double Wear has gone Nude , giving coverage but In a sheered out texture .

For me now in my late thirties I want more from my Cosmetics than just coverage , the lines between skin care and cosmetics are getting blurry and it’s great for everyone !

When I’m working with clients now I’m spending 50% of my time talking about their skin needs and getting them to realise the better the skin underneath the better your makeup will ultimately sit and last.

We talk skin care routines and get them on to plan that works for them , each time I see them their skin is improving , even just spending 5 minutes massaging in your moisturiser will do wonders for you !

Thanks to the selfie appeal we are seeing the rise of the instagram #SundayFacial and all manor of sheets masks , skincare gadgets , tech tools all promoting the image of real skin , I’m once again inspired and my love for creating such visuals is having a real moment.

Last month I was back in my comfort zone at the launch of the new FOREO UFO , #UrFutureObsession an LED Thermo Activated Smart Mask that uses Korean sheet mask technology with T sonic Pulsations to boost absorption of the active mask ingredients deeper into the skin.

To say I was impressed is an understatement, I met with 200 plus of the beauty press to demonstrate this device and was blown away by the instant results it gave to the skins texture and tone and just 90 seconds gave the skin the glow of a spa worthy facial .

This device has most definitely made it into my kit bag for my clients to benefit from and I look forward to seeing what else this brand produces.

I’m certainly feeling at home in my own skin and back to my roots of creating beautiful complexions.

Lucy Meyer 


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