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Soy wax is a natural product from a renewable source, a vegetable wax from the oil off soy beans. It is safe for the skin and respiratory system

Lisa Fretwell
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Meet Lisa...

How it all began.

I started researching different methods of making candles when my daughter and I noticed that we were getting a sooty residue on our ceilings and itchy throats from the candles we were burning.

I started researching what was in the candles we were burning and learnt that most conventional candles are generally created from paraffin, which is a petroleum by product that understandably creates an unhealthy air quality when burned.

Typically, paraffin candles contain toxic synthetic fragrances and emit fumes that are similar to those of a diesel exhaust! Carcinogens and toxins often linked to allergies, asthma and irritations are released when paraffin candles are burned. I also found out that even though some candles are labelled as soy candles they will often have paraffin added in to them which is why I started to make 100% soy candles with pure essential oils.

Soy wax is a natural product from a renewable source, a vegetable wax from the oil off soy beans. It is safe for the skin and respiratory system, it is also biodegradable and cleans up well with soap and water. With all this in mind I am sure you will agree when combined with essential oils it makes the perfect candle or wax melt!

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