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Meet Mandy Dineley...

I’m a creative writer and I’m passionate about helping people say what they want to say at their special occasion, wedding day, milestone birthday and more, for a heartfelt and gorgeous tribute.

My qualifications for this are love, life and loss.

I use my writing, singing and song-writing skills to help people creating the pieces, dedications, speeches, gifts that simply sing from the pages.

I also run inspiring, creative writing workshops online.

I love a challenge and when people ask me to write something unusual, I love it even more, it makes life so interesting. In fact, I love anything wordy in gift form or a personalised commissioned piece for a special occasion.


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Mickey has been practising yoga and the inner arts for 25+ years. A a mother of three boys, raised to men, a multi-faceted force of nature, she lives the life she teaches. Mickey fuses yoga, energy healing and macrobiotics, in a complete practice of Self Mastery.

Without understanding and having control of  the true self, our happiness is directly affected by what is happening around us. Good days, bad days, a cycle of boom and bust, up and down. The outside situation influencing our thoughts, emotions and actions, contributing to anxiety, stress and, in some cases, resulting in illness. 

These sessions are a practical combination of healing, yoga, breathwork and meditation. A complete practice that gives you a set of skills that help you set goals for your mind, body, relationships, business, career, finances. When you train your body and mind to work together, theres no stopping you. 

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CBD oil is a really great addition to your daily skincare routine.  

Remember that your skin is your biggest organ, and just as you don’t want to eat junk and chemicals, you also don’t want to absorb that through our skin. What you’re rubbing on to your body after your shower is also being absorbed into your system, which is why CBD oil is a great, natural choice. 

Follow this easy massage and relaxation sequence to help you chill at the end of a busy day: 

  1. To give yourself – or family member! – a massage, you just need a couple of squirts. 
  2. Rub the oil in between your palms – it breaks down the enzyme and warms the oil nicely so that it’s going to be absorbed into your muscles quicker.
  3. Taking your palms either side of your spine in the place where you get an acherub the oil into your skin up and down your spine.
  4. Then go up to you neck and rub around the area that feels sore. 
  5. Give your shoulders a nice squeeze!
  6. It’s also lovely to take it up the back of your head and give yourself a scalp massage. The oil is great for your hair.
  7. Now it’s time to relax. Sit down on your yoga mat or a towel on the floor. Grab a big pillow and place it between your knees. Then go into child’s pose and breathe in and out three times. Try and breathe into those areas of pain – visualise your breath moving into your lower back or your neck and easing any soreness. 

 This is a wonderful thing to do in the evening, maybe after you’ve had a stressful day at the home office, but it’s also a nice way to wake up and invite the day in, relax before you start those projects or those many Zoom meetings. 


Wellness Weekend Retreat, 10-12 September, Sutton Hall Norfolk

This wonderful weekend retreat is your opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle of life. Take time for yourself to find clarity, energy and to have some fun.

Mickey Monroe will take you through various yoga and meditation practices throughout the weekend. You’ll also be able to nourish yourself with delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes, all in the gorgeous settings of boutique location house, Sutton Hall, the location for some episodes of Netflix hit, The Queen’s Gambit.

Cost: £495, with a deposit of £200

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