Breakthrough your “I can’t” to create your “I can”!

Do you feel stuck at a cross roads in your life, career or business?

Confused and lost by which direction you wish/need to take next?

Overwhelmed by a challenge and can’t see a clear way forward?

Do you set goals but never seem to achieve them and feel like you’ve failed?

Have you lost your passion and purpose in your personal life, career or business?

Are you frustrated that your personal or professional growth has stagnated?

Do you find yourself making excuses why you can’t do it, rather than why you can?

When faced with adversity we can often lose touch with who we are, our passion and purpose. This course is designed to help you re connect with yourself or your business, reignite your fire, get the clarity to create and nurture an action plan to success.

With Sarah Pittendrigh

Personal and Business Breakthrough Coach

Get instant access now to start your journey to Breakthrough your “I can’t” to create your “I can”!

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This aim of this programme is to 

  1. Allow you to step back and evaluate yourself, your business or maybe both!
  2. Help you reignite your passion to reconnect with who you are, your desired purpose in life or business and identify how to achieve your Utopian Goal.
  3. To see clearly the way forward and understand why you have arrived in your present situation.
  4. Guide you how to create an achievable action plan, to help you get on track to realise your personal and business goals.
  5. Show you how to nurture yourself, your business or both, to keep on track and not fall back into the negative patterns and state which prevent your progress.

Why you need this now/Core Desires

If you always do what you always do, you will always get what you have always got! This in short explains, if you continue in the same pattern, you will always get the same result.  So, if you are not happy with the result you are getting, you have to make the change.  You have to change yourself, your mindset and the pattern that has lead you to this negative state.

This programme is the positive change you need to help you push forward to re connect with who you are, your purpose and to give you the clarity and understanding you need to achieve your goals and ambitions.

What you will learn

The ‘I CAN’ method is my proven business and personal breakthrough tool that I have applied to create the biggest momentum and results, even when the going got tough.

This tool can be used to help you breakthrough limitations and challenges that are preventing you reaching your full potential in life and work.

The ‘I CAN’ method has 4 pillars.

IGNITE : Your passion, your purpose and connect backwith yourself or your business vision

CLARIFY : Regain an understanding of where you are now, why you are in this position, where you want to be, why and by when

ACTION : Create and implement a realistic plan to achieve your utopian goal

NURTURE : The process, which includes nurturing yourself and your own inner wellbeing to ensure you do not fall back into the negative pattern/state


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