Counselling with Cancer



If you’ve had cancer or are the loved one of someone who has, counselling can be very helpful. Cancer has a ripple effect, which effects everyone around the person going through the illness – this is why it’s so important to look after yourself mentally, emotionally and physically whether you’re the patient, a family member, a friend, husband, wife or colleague.

It can be an anxious time getting in touch and speaking to a counsellor – some say they are full of fear and are not sure how they feel speaking to a stranger – however, seeing a counsellor will help you deal with the emotions brought on by life’s challenges.

Claire Francis will create a safe space for you to talk and express your feelings and anxieties.

Contact Claire for your First 30-minute Free Consultation

Why we love it: Claire’s experience of working with Macmillan means she is the perfect person to help you and those close to you deal with the effect of cancer.


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