Dream Big – Crystals for Success

These crystals are for when that doubt creeps in. The doubt that can stop you from believing that you can aim as high as you want in life and achieve anything you set your mind to. These crystals will remind you of your unlimited potential,  your ability to achieve every single one of your dreams no matter how big and to enjoy every exciting minute of it.

Our Law of Attraction Crystal Sets include 3 unique, ethically sourced crystals and a Selenite crystal cleansing plate.

Each crystal has been selected for its specific properties to support Success.

Lapis Lazuli brings Success

Red Jasper brings Empowerment

Green Aventurine brings Luck

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Like a magnet, your thoughts, expectations and beliefs attract everyone and everything that enters your life. Use these crystals to empower your thoughts and attract more of what you want into your life.

Keep Lapis Lazuli close for Success, Red Jasper for Empowerment and Green Aventurine for Luck.

Selenite is a high vibration crystal which magnifies the energy of any crystal placed upon it and can be used to cleanse and recharge your LOA crystals (7cm x 7cm).

LOA Crystal sets help you focus and attract what you want into your life, they also make incredibly meaningful and thoughtful gifts.


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