Expert Guide to Nutrition and Eating for Health



Are you confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting information on the internet and social media about nutrition?

Perhaps you are fed up of trying diets that don’t work, but would like to get to and stay at a healthy weight?

Or would like to know which foods to reduce your risk of high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease?

All of these questions – and more – will be answered with this comprehensive nutrition course by Registered Nutritionist (AfN), and former experienced paediatrician, Dr Harriet Holme. The modules include:

– A guide to macronutrients
– A guide to micronutrients and how get enough
– How to balance your plate
– How to design a personalised meal plan just for you
– What are antioxidants and why do they matter?
– A guide to dieting including how to get to a healthy weight
– What are metabolism and metabolic rate?
– What to eat for healthy bones and joints
– What to eat to reduce your risk of high blood pressure
– What to eat to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke
– What to eat to reduce stress and improve your mood
– What to eat to support your immune system
– What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and practical tips to help
– A guide to intermittent fasting and time restricted eating
– What is emotional eating, and practical tips to help.
– Which supplements do you really need?
– How to choose a honey
– Which is the best oil / fat to cook with
– Is organic worth the cost?

Why we love it: This course contains science backed nutrition information to empower you to make the right choices. In a world where there is a lot of misinformation about eating for health, this course will sort out the fact from the fiction and give you the facts to eat right for you.

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