F*** Fear Flower Essence



Made in collaboration with Sarah O’Keefe this flower essence combination is designed for moving forward fearlessly and confidently into the unknown.

Contains 40% Organic Vodka, 60% Spring Water and the energy imprint of:

Twayblade, which helps with leaping into the unknown
Wild Garlic, which helps with knowing you are supported by the universe
Dandelion, which allows you to be present and shine your light brightly
Blackberry that fills you with energy and growth potential
Buttercup to give you the feeling that you can cope with ANYTHING
Buttercup for self confidence and creativity
Walnut to help you not care about what anyone else thinks

Size: 30ml

Why we love it: We know only too well about that paralysing fear that can keep you trapped, which is why we love anything that helps you make the move from fear into living fearlessly!

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