Five-day bootcamp



This art workshop shows how the science of light and colour has an impact on your mind, body and soul. The course will help you unlock inspiration and stop running in the same overwhelming rat race! It’s a complete package for exploring, developing and being creative and will help you create a personal action plan and take charge of your life.

This free course is for you, if you have:

  • Stopped normal activities instantly
  • Changed routine drastically
  • Felt overwhelmed going back to work
  • Trouble dealing with new changes
  • Tried to juggle change
  • Bring back a new form of normality into your life
  • Have gone through a change and want to review your life and the directions you take

Take the bootcamp now to stay inspired and power up your mind, body and soul creatively when you feel low.

Why we love it: Justine Van de weg really knows her stuff when it comes to art and has been using her skills with children – and now adults – to help them free themselves from mental blocks. The workshop really explains the power of colours – who knew that they can even help you change your current situation?

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