Help your parents stay safe and well at home – even when you can’t see them

2020 has knocked us all sideways hasn’t it? And the main thing we want to do is keep our loved ones safe, even if we can’t physically see them.

Knowing how to help your parents as they get older is confusing and stressful even without lockdown. So just how exactly can we support some of our favourite people during this ‘new normal’, when they are viewed as ‘vulnerable’ and we need to maintain our distance?

This course is here to help you navigate this minefield. The situation might not be changing, but how you take control and help them (and you) can.

This course will help you with:

  1. Learn to manage feelings of guilt
    a. 2 exercises proven to help you realize and remove guilt
  2. New ways to keep in touch
    a. Tried and tested, novel ways to communicate with parents and grandparents
  3. Learn home hacks that you can arrange from afar to help them stay safe and prevent falls
    a. Physiotherapist-approved advice to make the home safer. Just what you need when you can’t see them

We’re going through this with you, and have found all of this information helpful for connecting with our own parents right now. Whilst you can’t physically help your parents in person, there’s so much you can do, relieving the burden on you at the same time.

Good luck and keep smiling. You can do this.

“What Jessica and Nancy offer is empowerment, helping us feel in control of the situation”. Jenny, Oxfordshire

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