Menopoised Aromatherapy Embrace Cool Pulse Point Oil



This cool blend of essential oils has been created especially to help you stay cool in the midst of any menopausal hot flushes. Containing wise Clary Sage, calming Lavender, refreshing Lemon and cooling Peppermint, applying the rollerball to your pulse points can help take the heat out of the moment.

Simply roll on your wrist, behind you rears or temples whenever the heat strikes. If you’ve got more time, roll on the palm of your hand, cup your face and take three deep, slow breaths.

Why we love it: This perfectly pocket-sized 10ml roller ball is a discreet (and non medicinal way) to treat those awful hot flushes. It also smells pretty damn fine as well, making it a must-have in our handbag!

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