Imposter Phenomenon


Imposter phenomenon is something that seems to be more and more common – especially among women. This fear of being exposed as a ‘fraud’ can be crippling not only in the workplace, but also our personal lives. As a positive psychology expert and social entrepreneur, Ruth Cooper-Dickson has created this workbook to help give you a greater understanding of the theory of imposter syndrome, how it can be based in our childhoods and the unhelpful cycle we can find ourselves within. Gain a deeper dive into how this may apply to you and practical tools to takeaway as to how to move forwards.

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Why we love it: For some reason imposter syndrome seems to affect us women more than men and anything that can help us believe in ourselves that little bit better is worth it in our books. This workbook really helped us understand where these feelings come from and even better, how we can start believing in ourselves!

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