Your Strengths and Values in Action



As a positive psychology practitioner, Ruth Cooper-Dickson loves nothing more than delving into character strengths!

Her course will take you on a deep dive to explore your strengths, which will drive meaning into your life and consequently help you achieve your life goals.

Taking this course will ensure you get to grips with understanding your personal strengths, discover what happens with over exposure, and where we sometimes forget to utilise our lesser valued strengths.

You will find out how the magic really happens when we get curious and mix up how we balance different strengths. More importantly you will discover how academic research shows that then we embody our strengths, we are nine times more likely to flourish!

Get instant access now to start your journey of My Mental Wealth.

Why we love it: We go to the gym for our bodies, but sometimes we can overlook our mind, which is where this great course comes in. Understanding your strengths is a really valuable thing to learn as it can help you map out your path in life much easier.

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