Nutrition Myth Busting


Now more than ever we need to make sure we are putting the right foods into our bodies to help our immune system and body perform at its best. Trouble is there is so much information out there, who do you trust, where do you look?

Most people I speak to are confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting information on social media and the internet about nutrition. And totally confused about all the superfoods.

My aim is to show you which headlines have some good quality scientific evidence behind them and help you identify the ‘Fact’ from the ‘Fiction’.

It means so much to me that we all stay healthy in these unprecedented times that I am giving you access to this course for a fraction of it’s normal price, but this is only for a limited time so hurry.

So come and join me and let me start helping you eat and feel better.

Get instant access now to start your journey to Nutrition Myth Busting

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Nutrition Myth Busting

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This program will include:

  1. A scientific look at the evidence behind lots of the hot topics and headlines in nutrition

Module 1: Introduction

  • Meet Dr Harriet Holme
  • What is myth busting?

Module 2: Myth Busting

  • Ketogenic diet
  • Cancer diet
  • Detox diet
  • Sugar free diet
  • Vegan is healthier
  • Super foods
  • Processed meat increases your risk of cancer
  • Fruit – dried, freeze-dried and fresh
  • pH diet
  • allergenic testing
  • eating based food groups based on genetic predictions
  • blood group diet
  • bone broth

Module 3: Summary

  • Summary and close


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