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This online workshop will help you build your child’s skills, enabling them to cope easier with life’s challenges – all without adding more to your busy schedule!

By the end of this online course for parents, you will be able to build your child’s confidence skills, as well as unlock new ideas in your family dynamics through a creative communication process.

You will gain a solid understanding on:

  • What the roles are for mum or dad
  • How the brain grows and develops in an environment
  • Coping strategies children develop to work through stress
  • How to unlock new ideas within your current home routines
  • Calming techniques
  • The simple tools and techniques you can use and adapt to your child’s personality

Plus, you will learn the power behind how to identify when your child is feeling overwhelmed through their behaviour.

Why we love it: Parenting is the only job that comes with no training or job spec or any guidance whatsoever, which is why we love Justine Van de weg’s course, which will not only help calm your child, but also calm you!

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