Paint yourself into zen: Next level



If you feel your mind and life are cluttered, this course will help you see the wood for the trees –  all with the power of painting! The workshop takes you behind the power of colour and painting, helping you bring a calm state of mind with certainty.

Whether you’ve already taken the introduction to Painting with Zen workshop or just want to help clear your mind through painting, this course will help you unlock your inspiration and certainty to stop you running around, juggling all parts of your life leading to burn out.

What you will learn

  • How to build certainty and inspiration into your daily routine
  • The power behind colour and painting yourself into zen
  • Simple steps to be creative when you feel blocked and overwhelm.
  • Simple steps to creatively clear your mind through painting

Why we love it: We love the fact that painting novices can still get a huge benefit from picking up a brush and unleashing their creativity. If you’ve been struggling with pandemic life, this is a great way to add calm into your life by doing something totally relaxing and enjoyable.

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