Paint yourself into zen



This online workshop is a great way to dip your toe into art therapy. It will take you behind the power of colour and painting, helping you create a calm state of mind – something we could probably all do with!

Research and science have shown that learning how to paint and using colours has an impact on our choices and that it influences creative productivity, leadership and relationships with ourselves and others in the world.

Especially now, during and after COVID, there have been drastic changes to all of our lives. This course is for you if you have found yourself:

  • Juggling home, work and time for you
  • Struggling to deal with a change in routine
  • Forgetting to nurture and take time out for you
  • Unusually snappy or tired
  • Not coping with making clear decisions
  • Working harder to remain calm while everyone around you is in chaos

This mini workshop will help you to unlock your inspiration and certainty to stop you running around, juggling all parts of your life leading you to burn out. It’s a complete package for exploring, developing, being creative as well as taking charge of your life.

Why we love it: We could definitely all do with adding a bit of Zen into our daily lives and course tutor Justine Van de weg is the perfect person to help you do this. Painting and drawing are great for relaxation but with Justine’s knowledge, you’ll be able to dig deeper and really find that inner calm that is often hard to grasp.

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