The entrepreneurial creativity process



Using the power of painting, this course will help you to understand where your past actions are limiting you to have what you want today.This creative process will help you reveal your unconscious, so you can get out of your way and achieve the next level in any area of your life – without being an experienced artist!

In the free course, you will look at how painting unlocks your unconscious mind, plus understand the power behind colour and how it relates to your current situation. It will help you create strategies to work through and unleash your true self.

Why we love it: You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to do this course, although it’s also great for anyone running their own business. It’s a great course if you want to make any changes within your life – or company – and just can’t get there. Justine Van de weg explains all the steps perfectly – and you don’t need to be Picasso to join in!

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