The Science Behind What to Eat To Feel Your Best

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Are you confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting information on social media and the internet about nutrition and would like some clarity?

Are you searching for answers to your chronic health conditions that impact on your daily life, such as issues with your digestive system, low energy, skin, mood and your joints?

Do you have questions about supplements, and which you really need?

Would you like to eat more healthily but just not sure where to start?

Have you tried dieting, but are stuck in a cycle of dieting and weight gain?

Do you attempt to calorie count but don’t find it helps?

Do you find eating stressful?

With the advent of social media, everyone has an opinion about how a specific diet changed their life, but does that mean it is safe or right for you?

This course is for people of all ages who would like to take back control of their diet, and enjoy eating again without a restrictive diet. I provide evidence based guidance that is manageable to incorporate into your life, and sustainable for life. There is more to health than calorie counting and intense exercise. Dieting is impossible to maintain long term and leads to a toxic cycle of stress, emotional eating and binging. Find out what healthy choices you can make now to improve your health and reduce your long-term risk of disease.

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The Science Behind What to Eat To Feel Your Best

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Included is a written guide, and 12 videos to complete at your own speed:

  1. Introduction
  2. A guide to macronutrients, and why they are important
  3. A guide to micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), and why they are important
  4. The science behind better food choices and how to make them
  5. A guide to dieting and fasting
  6. Why diets don’t work
  7. How to change your mindset about eating
  8. Understanding supplements and which you should consider taking
  9. Food allergies
  10. Nutrigenetics
  11. Nutrition myth busting
  12. Summary


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