Your Beautiful Day & Sleep combined - Meditation

Start your day with this 10 minute meditation to set your thoughts into a positive outlook for the day ahead. Visualise how you want today to be and manifest in your mind the perfect day for you. Then, at the end of the day, relax and allow yourself to drift off into a beautiful deep sleep. Studies tell us that practicing gratitude and reflecting on what’s positive, can improve our anxiety and stress levels. Lizzie will take you on a beautiful journey into sleep.

Listen to these 20 second samples below and hear Lizzie’s unique and relaxing voice taking you on a very personal journey.

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Lizzie is a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

She covers everything from stress, depression, anxiety, phobias, addictions and physical health problems. Her unique ability makes her clients feel relaxed and calm, whilst offering practical and spiritual advice too


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